Unoccupied Property Clause

Unoccupied let property insurance

Our unoccupied property clause is available bearing in mind the following stipulations:

Only properties which are unoccupied pending a tenancy are acceptable. Properties which are unoccupied pending sale are not acceptable.

Whenever the property is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days the property must be inspected by the policyholder or his/their agents at least once every 2 weeks to ensure the following conditions are observed:

  • The gas and electric supplies are turned off, the water supply is turned off and the system drained or adequate levels of heating are maintained from fixed heating appliances
  • All external doors are kept securely locked. All ground floor and accessible upper floor opening windows are securely fastened and any broken windows repaired or boarded up
  • The buildings, yards and external areas immediately surrounding the dwelling are free of all fuel and waste materials
  • Any acts of vandalism or any evidence of unlawful or attempted entry to the dwelling are immediately notified to IGI and any necessary repairs are immediately carried out to make the property secure

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